Hello from Orderly Bit

Thanks for reading Orderly Bit. With this blog, I’m hoping to bring the real-world trend of minimalism and simplicity to the digital world, sharing my best practices and experiences to help make your online services, workflows, accounts and security spark joy. Over time, I plan to share my approach to organization to get control of digital photo libraries, files, password management and the countless services we need to get things in the cloud and across our devices.

I’ll also be writing and managing every aspect of Orderly Bit from my iPad Pro. As someone who has only done content creation and web design from the Mac, I’m interested to see if today’s iPads – and iPadOS – can effectively match my workflows to maintain and grow this site without a “true” computer. I’ve already learned a lot and hope to share the apps, services and shortcuts that are helping the most.

Thanks again for reading – I hope that by visiting, your digital life can become more orderly.